Yeah, i am. It was such a long time i made a website, and i almost lost all of my poor skills on HTML, so it's going to take a while till i finish this.

Oh yeah, I am also genuinely a Windows 7 Megafan. Mostly because it wasn't lazy worked on it's UI and icons unlike Windows 10. (It also has a good Performance)

Also a very small list of OSes which are actually terrible

I incredibly dislike Windows 10


Because it's slow, incompatible and ugly.

"W0ahaaa Her3 But aeR0 Fr0m ShitD0ws 7 Is Heav1er tThan Fl4t them3 and W1ndows 10 Itself WTFF!!?1//1/1/1/?!?!!/111!11 IT NOT SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

However you're wrong here

First, yes i know many potatos from 2003, 2004 can't run Windows 7 at all beauties, worse with Aero. However can they run better on Windows 10? "Não". Can a 2GB RAM PC, with a old generation GPU run Windows 10 good like how Windows 7 does? No, and Aero doesn't even affect anything if you get 3,0 or above on the Index, and also even if it's lower it doesn't means Windows 10 is still smoother. You can also look at benchmarks of both OSes (Windows 7 with Aero enabled and Windows 10), the results will be different from what you can hear about Windows 10 being smoother than Windows 7 with aero on. This explains Slowness + Incompability.

And about Uglyness

IT IS Ugly. Just compare

Windows 7 Common Icons style

As you see, these kinds of icon were everywhere on Windows 7, Detailed, shiny.

Windows 10 Common Icons style

However, they legit found a way to make everything ugly, by making it flat. It lacks so much detail, like the "shades", "realistic bits", etc. And yet, even older OSes icons looked more detailed than just the boring only "2-3 scheme color icon". Take a look

Windows XP Common Icons style

Windows XP Icons legit looked gorgeous as Windows 7, and Windows 10 looks like Windows 1.0 icons but uglier than hell.