My letter.

sincerely, in the start when i joined graphictoria, (my first old roblox project joined) everything was going good.

the first days in gt3 i can assume it was pretty fun, but after it shut down on april, i met a project called finobe. the project was supposed to be a gt reborn, using only 2010 client. but not apart of the official gt, and with the time it grown up, adding 2012. the fact with this grow came the toxic community turn.

after that all history, gt came again in june, the time when it used roblox assets again.

so with the fun, came some "drama". the community started being "kinda" shameful some times, i also was supposed to like ratdog, but after this "knowledge" i have no idea if i hate or still liking him. and the question i really think about is: "the real villain of the history is redz or ec in this gt4 age". the "him" aways says "the other" fakes liz(k), and other bad things. meanwhile "the other" says he doens't fake liz, he got reported by faking lizk, and then "she" had to come with "him" in a "court" and also said he wanted to dox ratdog because "him" tweeted quackity to raid gt forums, but still nothing happened. i actually could have a time machine and go back past to fix up my shit. i will also stay in other projects.

im tired all of this shitty drama. for now i will take a break of this drama, for 1 month or probably more time.

i'm going back to raiding oders on roblox, bbots, mario stuff and other crap. and no, im not going to say that pussy "goodbye forever", i will just take a break.

i hope you have fun whitout me, i feel im a disgrace for not almost, but yes everyone.

-with all the pleasure,